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First-Class Travel for Second-Class Citizens

“Abortion is in the criminal code in New York and people are having to leave the state for healthcare. Let's fix this! #NoChoiceTravel”

For one week in October, the No Choice Travel Agency was open in Manhattan with services to just three destinations: the places women have to travel to when seeking abortions later in pregnancy.


The No Choice Travel campaign aims to give visitors a taste of the obstacles faced by later abortion patients forced out-of-state for care by New York’s abortion law.

Together, we can fix this.




Testimonials from actual patients who have made the trip




Step Up!


Contact Your State Senator

Abortion is regulated at the state level. Use to find out who your State Senator is and if they support the Reproductive Health Act (RHA), a bill that would fix New York’s abortion law.

Contact Governor Cuomo

Let him know how you feel about this issue. He’s important to fixing it.

Call him: 518-474-8390

Click to Tweet him: @NYGovCuomo with #NoChoiceTravel

Tell Everyone You Know

Break the silence, get loud, share what you’ve learned.

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The Brigid Alliance is a REAL travel service that is helping patients with their abortion travel needs.

Support them:

Brigid Alliance: