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First-Class Travel for Second-Class Citizens

For one week in October, 2018 the No Choice Travel Agency was open in Manhattan. Visitors read reviews and heard stories of people who had to leave their home state to get healthcare. The project highlighted the effect of New York’s unconstitutional law at the time, which criminalized abortion and denied abortion care to people in the state.

In November of 2018, voters elected new members to the state legislature, many of whom campaigned on the need to reform the state’s abortion law. In January of 2019, the state legislature passed the Reproductive Health Act (RHA) which decriminalized abortion and added protections for many patients.

There is still more to do, in New York and across the country, to ensure no person is denied care.


The No Choice Travel campaign aims to give visitors a taste of the obstacles faced by later abortion patients forced out-of-state for care by abortion restrictions.

Together, we can fix this.




Testimonials from actual patients who have made the trip




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Find about abortion restrictions in your state

Abortion is regulated at the state level. While Roe v Wade established the fundamental right to an abortion, it allows states to enact restrictions on abortion later in pregnancy. Furthermore, many states have enacted burdensome regulations of abortion that push care out of reach for many people. Find out more about the laws in your state from the Guttmacher Institute.

Contact Your STATE Legislators

Find out who your state representatives are by going to Open States. Tell them you are concerned about people who may be unable to access care due to laws and regulations in your state. Every abortion restriction is unreasonable to the person affected by it.

Talk to people you know

Break the silence, get loud, share what you’ve learned. Ask your family, your neighbors, and your friends about abortion.


The Brigid Alliance is a REAL travel service that is helping patients with their abortion travel needs.

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